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  Our Mission
Artists for Human Rights (AFHR) was formed as a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and thus raising human rights awareness around the world by knowing them, demanding them and defending them. AFHR welcomes all peoples of the world to join us. As a united front, our intention is to enlighten and elevate the culture by raising our voices together thus bringing about increased sanity and tolerance in our troubled world.
  Latest News

We are experiencing the worst crisis any of us have known in our lifetime. We are working with the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) whose constituency consists of extremely low-income and homeless people. In answering their cry for help, we are accepting donations in increments of $25.00 to Donate A Bag of Groceries that we will deliver to LA CAN.

  Get Involved
We need your passion, your commitment and your heart to end human rights abuses.  We are starting a movement fueled by dedication and volunteerism.  Your donations will go directly to activating artists to splash every radio wave, television wave, YouTube page, Facebook and Twitter feed with a call for human rights now across the globe.  Please give generously -- it’s important, and ultimately it is not for us – it’s for the unrepresented, the unheard, the uncared for –and yes, it’s for you too.
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Anne Archer / Founder
Donna Isham / President
Vanessa Stoller / Exec. Dir.
Pomm Hepner / Board of Directors
Thomas A. Dine / Board of Directors
Tom Lovejoy / Board of Directors
Michael Wisner / Board of Directors

  We are so pleased to share the latest news from our village in India that we have supported and funded is steadily making it's way to a life of freedom. 

Artists for Human Rights

A Letter from AFHR Founder,
Anne Archer

Today we speak endlessly about the lack of human rights in so many corners of the world.  And in what should be the bedrock of democracy, the United States, human rights have taken a back seat in ways we could never have imagined in the 21st Century.
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