The Hope and Human Rights Speaker Series
An Inspirational Evening with Kevin Bales

Artists for Human Rights hosted an inspiratin evening with Kevin Bales co-founder of Free the Slaves marked the hugely successful launch of the Hope and Human Rights Speaker Series. The event was highly anticipated and received a write-up in the LA Times announcing our launch and the importance of Kevin Bales’ work in ending slavery.

KEVIN BALES - Free the Slaves

Kevin Bales is the Co-founder and President of Free the Slaves. He is the author of Disposable People, which was nominated for a 1999 Pulitzer price and Ending Slavery. He co-authored Slavery: A Global Investigation, which won a 2000 Peabody Award and two 2005 Emmy Awards. He was an advisor to the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative. He was a keynote speaker at the 2008 Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Paris.
Artists for Human Rights Kevin Bales
Artists for Human Rights Kevin Bales

Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy is a book on modern slavery by Kevin Bales, the head of Free the Slaves. The book is published by University of California Press.


Artists for Human Rights Ending Slavery Kevin Bales

Ending Slavery grapples with the struggle to end this ancient evil and presents the ideas and insights that can finally lead to slavery's extinction. Recalling his own involvement in the antislavery movement, Kevin Bales recounts a personal journey in search of the solution and explains how governments and citizens can build a world without slavery.


Artists for Human Rights Kevin Bale
Ending Slavery How We Free Today's Slaves
by Kevin Bales
Artists for Human Rights Kevin Bales
Kevin Bales signing his book

Free the Slaves was founded in 2000—and today is considered a leader and pioneer in the modern abolitionist movement. Free the Slaves has helped awaken the world to the fact that slavery still exists, why it does, and where it’s worst. They have developed a global blueprint for change to inform governments, international institutions, faith communities, businesses, and the public about what they can do.

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