:: Letter from Mu Sochua, Human Rights Advocate, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and an Elected MP

Your help is urgently needed!

News has reached us that the Cambodian government is taking steps to imprison Mu Sochua.

Mu Sochua is an elected member of the Cambodian parliament and a tireless advocate for women's rights and the victims of injustice. In 2005, Mu Sochua was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work against sex trafficking of women in Cambodia and neighboring Thailand. Vital Voices honored Mu Sochua  with the 2005 Human Rights Global Leadership Award for her efforts to stem the tide of human trafficking. To highlight her work Mu Sochua was profiled in the documentary play Seven.

Please Share this letter from Mu Sochua far and wide and spread the word about her struggle so we can keep her out of prison for speaking out against corruption and injustice in Cambodia.

:: ACTION ALERT: Free The Hikers

Help support Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, who have been cruelly imprisoned in Iran since July 31st, 2009. You can help the cause by signing the petition, buying a DVD of the film FREE SHANE AND JOSH and showing it to others.

Thanks to support from the Hans Zimmer Foundation, all proceeds go to support the Free The Hikers campaign.

Dear Supporters,

For more than 600 days, Shane and Josh have been living in isolation. For five hours a day the sunlight shines through the only window in their cell, casting a small square of light on the wall. As the sun steals across the horizon outside, Josh and Shane's square of light moves in its own arc across the 10 feet of their universe.

Inside those four walls, very little reaches Shane and Josh from the outside world. Even the scraps of information that trickle in from letters and 15 minutes a day of English-language news on Iranian TV are filtered through their own equivalents of the wire, bars and glass. 20 months have passed, seven seasons have come and gone, yet Shane and Josh remain imprisoned in Iran for no crime and no reason.

In the meantime, in the world outside of prison, change is rapid and intense. New technologies like iPhones and iBooks have become ubiquitous. Since Shane, Josh and Sarah were detained on July 31st, 2009 a huge earthquake has devastated Haiti, Spain won the World Cup, countless gallons of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, popular uprisings toppled the Tunisian government and forced Hosni Mubarak to step down as Egypt's president, Japan was hit by a cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami, the UN Security Council declared a No-Fly zone and NATO began a bombing campaign in Libya. Approximately 294 million babies have been born during the time of Shane and Josh's detention and at least 80,000 species have disappeared forever from the Earth.

As isolated as Josh and Shane are, they continue to have a voice. Their voice is carried by the countless people who continue to tell their story and advocate for their release. Jeff Kaufman's powerful documentary, "Free Shane and Josh: An Urgent Plea for Compassion," is now available for purchase on for a donation of $20. This film is the most comprehensive account to date of the people Josh, Shane and Sarah are, what happened to them while they were hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the ongoing tragedy, injustice and heartbreak that has ensued for them, their families and everyone who loves them.

In addition to watching the film yourself, please consider using it to help spread the word and garner more support for Josh and Shane by organizing a screening in your workplace, local school, place of worship, community center and/or elsewhere. You can also get more people involved by encouraging them to join our global online community via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which are linked to our website at All proceeds from the film will help cover campaign costs such as translation, web maintenance, books for Josh and Shane, travel and legal fees.

As Shane and Josh hone their inner strength in captivity and keep the flame of their hope alive, we can use information as a tool for their liberation. Thank you for helping us spread their truth far and wide.

The Families of Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd.

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:: Emergency action: protect a human rights defender

Artists for Human Rights is taking a supporting stance to help Kerry Kennedy with his campaign to protect human rights attorney Paul Muite in Kenya. We ask that you go to the link below to find out more and lend your voice to this important issue.

We would like to add our voices to Kerry Kennedy's and ask that every measure be taken to ensure the safety and security of Mr. Paul Muite and that those threatening Mr. Muite be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.