Anne Archer / Founder /Board of Directors

An Academy Award nominated actress and human rights advocate, Ms. Archer has fought for human rights around the globe for nearly two decades. She has, along with other artists, led protest marches in uneven streets, testified to Congress, met quietly and openly with State Department officials around the world, always bringing her creativity and passion to the fight.

Thomas A. Dine / Board of Directors

Tom Dine is currently a senior adviser to foreign policy organizations focused on Middle East conflict resolution.  He also serves on the Board of Freedom House. From 1997-2005 he was the longest serving President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.  Prior to his leadership of the radios, he was the Assistant Administrator of U.S. Agency for International Development's programs in Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. He held foreign policy advisory positions in the U.S. Senate for a decade, and before that served at the American Embassy in New Delhi, India as the Personal Assistant to Ambassador Chester Bowles, 1967-1969, and as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the southern Philippines, 1962-1964.

Pomm Hepner / Director of Visual Arts / Board of Directors

Pomm is an internationally renowned, award winning watercolor artist. For over ten years, she has worked to advance the cause of human rights. In 2001, Pomm created "Unspoken Courage" honoring the heroes of 9/11, currently displayed on the FDNY Memorial Wall in NYC.  Pomm was made an honorary member of FDNY, and received a medal from the Vatican. "We Believe in Peace" the second in Pomm’s series of humanitarian pieces intended to raise further recognition of global human rights is currently displayed in the United Nations. As Dir. of AFHR Visual Arts, Pomm has organized human rights art exhibits in New York, Los Angeles, Florence, Italy and Monterrey, Mexico orchestrating an international tour, galvanizing other visual artists to participate.

Donna Isham / President / Board of Directors

Donna Isham has worked in the entertainment field for many years as both an artist and executive. Currently she serves as CEO for her husband’s production company, multi-award winning recording artist and film composer Mark Isham.  She has traversed the globe pursuing her philanthropic work from establishing an educational center in Southern India, to fighting for the protection of children's rights in the U.S.  Ms. Isham has used her creativity and expertise to create a more tolerant world with her passionate dedication to the arts and the protection of human rights.

Linda Lombardo / Executive Vice President

Linda has dedicated much of her life to working with philanthropic organizations. In 1980, she founded the Lakers Wives Organization serving on their Board for 20 years, supporting California youth NGOs. She was a pioneer in the “Just Say No To Drugs” campaign and combining her efforts, produced an educational video of the Lakers Championship team, speaking out against drugs, which won awards for excellence and was distributed to every public school in California. Linda also served on the Board of the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, and was also a tutor. Passionate about human rights, she is currently bringing her expertise and talent to AFHR .

Dr. Tom Lovejoy / Board of Directors

As the Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute for nearly a decade, Dr. Lovejoy engineered the "debt for nature swap" where he persuaded world banking institutions to forgive Third-world debt in the preservations of large tracts of rainforests. He headed Smithsonian research camps in the Amazon where he has toured members of the US Senate and led multiple expeditions. Dr. Lovejoy serves on the board of the Alley Foundation, and has served on the Scientific Advisory Committees to three Presidents of the United States as well as Science Advisor to the US Secretary of the Interior during the Clinton Administration. In 2001 he was awarded the prestigious Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement. Dr. Lovejoy became the first recipient of the newly created Heinz Center Biodiversity Chair in August 2008.  Previously he served as President of the Heinz Center since May 2002.

Vanessa Stoller / Executive Director/Board of Directors

Vanessa Stoller has been committed to organizations that help others for over 30 years, whether it be volunteering for the Red Cross or giving of her time to her local church, food pantry for the homeless, or local Community theater and school projects. Her commitment has always been to improve the lives of others, from opening a free tutoring center in Los Angeles to volunteering in a drug rehabilitation program. Over the past few years she has been producing major events for a number of nonprofit organizations and is currently Director of Events for Artists for Human Rights.

Michael Wisner / Board of Directors

A writer, producer and environmental advocate for decades, Mr. Wisner's work has taken him to China, the Amazon, Eastern Europe, and the USSR before the Communist wall came down.  The environmental degradation and its effects on indigenous peoples galvanized his interest and dedication to human rights. Co-founder of a Hollywood environmental coalition, he worked intimately with well known artists to affect environmental messages in the media. He has authored or co-authored nearly a dozen peer-reviewed, scientific studies on toxins and human health, as well as the popular book, Living Healthy in a Toxic World. Mr. Wisner has served for over ten years as the Director of the Alley Foundation, dedicated to the environmental education of children.