Artists for Human Rights harnesses and gives voice to the creative energies of artists in the cause of raising human rights awareness around the world. Working with like-minded groups and individuals, Artists for Human Rights creates campaigns embracing film, music, visual arts and literature which are designed to inspire, educate, and ultimately be a call to action which touches the hearts and minds of individuals – where truly, all meaningful change begins.

By evoking their craft, Artists bring to all peoples of Earth images, songs, pictures, and performances that can spawn positive cultural change on a broad, societal basis with the goal of creating a human rights Renaissance as envisioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From concerts to visual art exhibitions to presenting provocative, meaningful films, public service announcements and documentaries, Artists for Human Rights has already reached and touched over 50 million people with its human rights message.

Submittals for projects and events that raise human rights awareness through the arts, are encouraged and always welcomed.