Artists for Human Rights (AFHR) was formed as a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and thus raising human rights awareness around the world by knowing them, demanding them, and defending them.

AFHR welcomes all peoples of the world to join us - the only prerequisite - support and affirmation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We work with like-minded individuals from all walks of life, all disciplines, races, creeds and nationalities and allied organizations to bring the full force of artistic expression to bear in the human rights arena. As a united front, our intention is to enlighten and elevate the culture by raising our voices together thus bringing about increased sanity and tolerance in our troubled world.

“Artists have the ability to touch the society so profoundly that positive change can come about as a direct result. Our greatest thinkers throughout history have always thought outside the box. Artists have always been the greatest advocates of human rights because they know so well how vital it is that the individual’s freedom of Self-expression is protected. Therefore I have formed Artists for Human Rights to give voice and bring about greater awareness among all peoples of the world of all of our human rights as laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Because artists have the ability to elevate the culture, we as artists, uniting to make known the human rights of all people of the world, can bring about greater peace and tolerance.”

Anne Archer
Founder, Artist for Human Rights