Music is the heart string of human consciousness. It elevates, inspires, brings us up, brings us down. From the troubadours in the Renaissance to the beat poets and folk heroes of the 60’s, music has been a beacon for social change. Today the songs and voices of our musicians are needed more than ever in the cause for human rights and social justice.

Artists for Human Rights, working with musicians, composers, promoters and like-minded groups, sponsors concerts, albums and events raising human rights awareness through music and song. Submittals for projects, concerts, recordings and events are encouraged and warmly welcomed.

Live Open-Air Human Rights Concert

New York City, summer 2007

Live Open-Air Human Rights Concert in New York City

Artists for Human Rights sponsored a free open-air concert last summer at Union Square in New York City. The event, which drew over 7000 spectators, spread the human rights message with live music mixed with human rights public service announcements reaching thousands of New Yorkers who took a moment out of their busy lives to stop, think and learn about human rights.

A Story Well Told

by Mark Isham

Mike Isham

"A story well told can change lives. A lyric well sung can inspire millions. A great melody can move mountains. As a musician, I feel that it is important artists recognize the power in their art and in themselves. I believe that artists can make a difference in fighting intolerance, injustice, ignorance and poverty. Knowing and protecting the fundamental rights of humanity is a gigantic step towards this goal."

Artists for Human Rights South Africa Launch

African Arts Festival

African Arts Festival

The Arts Festival of Southern Africa proved to be the perfect setting for the launch of Artists for Human Rights – South Africa, held in March 2007 in Johannesburg. The Festival, which aims to rehabilitate the art-ability of people and create a safe environment for Artists to express themselves, is perfectly in line with the tenets of AFHR.

Robin Hogarth, Grammy Award winning music producer and composer, and founding member of the Arts Festival, announced the launch. The message of the role that can be played by artists in promoting and ensuring human rights was carried forward throughout the festival at events and concerts.