The Hope and Human Rights Speaker Series
An Inspirational Evening with Suraya Sadeed

Artists for Human rights hosted an inspirational evening with Suraya Sadeed, Founder and Director of Help the Afghan Children.
SURAYA SADEED - Help the Afghan Children

Long before Afghanistan was in the public consciousness, one woman, Suraya Sadeed, risked her life to help the people of her native land. Having fled during the Soviet occupation in the 1980's, she later returned to see the aftermath of decades of devastating war. It had become a haven for extremist militants, and most Afghans were denied basic necessities required for human survival. The ones suffering most were women and children.

Since 1993 Suraya traveled to regions where old agencies and journalists dared not tread. She defied warlords, warring militias and the Taliban, bringing desperately
Artists for  Human Rights Suraya Sadeed
needed aid to millions of Afghans. Her remarkable work was captured by filmmaker Randal Scerbo in Inshallah, Diary of an Afghan Woman, a documentary produced for Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network.

In recognition of her efforts, Suraya was selected as an Educational Commission Advisor for the Transitional Government of Afghanistan and Delegate to the Grand Assembly of Afghanistan. In 2006 President George Bush and Laura Bush honored Suraya at the White House for her dedication to Afghanistan. Suraya's memoir sharing her experience, Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse: The True Story of a Woman Who Risked Everything to Bring Hope to Afghanistan was released in 2011.


“Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse: The True Story of a Woman Who Risked Everything to Bring Hope to Afghanistan”.


In "Inshallah - Diary of an Afghan Woman" we journey with Suraya during a pivotal period both for Afghanistan and the world, first June 2001, before the September 11 attacks, and the second in November, as the U.S. war brought an end to the Taliban regime. The film is a testament to the extraordinary difference that one individual can make in a land drained of hope.


Anne Archer interviews Suraya Sadeed, founder of "Help the Afgan Children"
at an Artists for Human Rights Hope and Human Rights Speaker Series.
Artists for Human Rights Suraya Sadeed
Artists for Human Rights Suraya Sadeed

Help the Afghan Children (HTAC) is a national and international non-governmental organization working in Afghanistan, whose mission is to empower girls, boys and local communities by promoting innovative educational programs that enhance their lives and help them become productive citizens. The organization accomplishes this by working with supporting partners to establish model community-based schools in different regions of Afghanistan that provide children with a strong and diverse curriculum, well-trained teachers, and a safe, clean learning environment; by delivering innovative learning programs that address emerging educational needs; and by investing in local communities that bring together and train community leaders, respected elders, parents, and other citizens to improve their capacities in peace-building and self-governance.
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